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Challenges in Healthcare


The cost to the NHS of treating chronic pain is not known. Recent studies have demonstrated that the cost of adolescent pain is nearly £4billion per annum alone, calculated at an average of £8000 per teenager.

Up to 28 million Britons are living with chronic pain, new estimates suggest.

The most common resolution to pain management is a moderate to heavy dose of analgesia. From aspirin and acetaminophen to morphine, these analgesics may cause side-effects like irritation, dizziness, addiction, rashes, hives, etc.


Healthcare institutions ensure that every aspect of their experience causes as little anxiety as possible from receiving diagnosis to going through the required treatment, anxiety and stress are prevalent in every corner of a healthcare institution.

Reducing anxiety and stress is a challenge for most healthcare professionals. Clear communication, medicating and improving the patient experience are not always successful.

Patient Experience

Staying in a healthcare institution is never a pleasurable experience and the challenge for all healthcare professionals to enhance the patient experience alongside conducting all of their duties adds a strain to any institution

Patients when irritable and bored can become a drain on resources and finding ways to enhance the experience can become challenging.

VR Solutions to the challenges:
Distraction Therapy

When the mind is distracted by an immersive experience, stimuli from reality can become subdued. Pain, anxiety and stress can all feel reduced by the patient when immersed in virtual reality.

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by Rescape

DR.VR is a virtual reality distraction therapy solution to support pain relief, anxiety/stress and improving the patient experience. The out of the box solution has been designed to be simple and straightforward to implement even for those with no previous virtual reality experience.

DR.VR can be applied pre-treatment, during or post-treatment.

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